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Have you ever wondered how big of a role light plays in your life? Let’s start with the fact that without the sun, there would be no life on Earth, and without inventions such as the kerosene lamp, light bulb, or laser, our civilization would not have developed. UNESCO’s International Day of Light is a great opportunity to stop and reflect on the wonder of light.

In Tricity, we will be celebrating this holiday on May 10th and 11th, 2024. During these days, the Gdańsk Light Festival will illuminate Góra Gradowa with numerous exhibitions and attractions for the third time. Our festival is not just a display of colorful lights on buildings (they won’t be missing though), but an event that combines art, science, and technology, and most importantly, brings people together. People are the most important to us. The Light Festival is organized by an independent group of cultural animators, artists, and scientists gathered around 3 Tricity organizations: Hackerspace Trójmiasto, Hevelianum, and L’arT Agency. Together, we fulfill dreams and implement ideas that would be a significant challenge for an individual, but with the power of the team, they become achievable. We can do a lot on our own, but together we can do much more.

Our festival blurs the line between art and science and breaks down barriers between artists and audiences. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or education, is invited to participate and co-create the event. We invite you to actively take part - not just to watch, but also to create and showcase your own projects. Here, every creator can present their own interpretation of light in the form of a show, exhibition, installation, lecture, or concert - because our Light Festival is open to everyone.

This year’s International Day of Light is themed “Light in Our Lives,” so at the festival, we will showcase the different facets of light present in many areas of life. We will explore light in nature, culture, architecture, science, and technology. We will admire the beauty of light in art, observe lights of the cosmos, and contemplate how light affects our health and well-being.

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