About us


We are an informal group of cultural animators, artists, scientists, activists, and constructors. We represent several local organizations, including Hevelianum Science Center, Hackerspace Tr贸jmiasto, and L’arT Agency.

Hevelianum is a place where science meets history. It offers interactive scientific exhibitions in 19th-century buildings of a former military fort. It is also an ideal space for leisure activities, walks amidst historic architecture, and relaxation surrounded by greenery.

Hackerspace Tr贸jmiasto is a community of technology enthusiasts and constructors that brings together anyone who wants to develop, share knowledge, and build an open technological space.

L’arT Agency is a creative artists agency and online gallery that brings JOY and BEAUTY to everyday life through the Art of Light and Color. It not only connects artists with potential clients but also creates amazing artistic projects, initiates collaborations, and events. It builds a community united by Light and Color, which illuminates and colors our reality.


It all began in November 2021 during the Idea Squash (an event organized by Hackerspace Tr贸jmiasto and the City Culture Institute in Gda艅sk). Leszek from Hackerspace Tr贸jmiasto presented his dream: to create a monochromatic room, an installation where colors become invisible thanks to a specific spectrum of light. And so it started… constructive feedback, specific suggestions, and practical advice for improving the project. The idea slowly evolved. Each participant had their own vision, and one idea sparked another. It turned out that many of us had various projects related to light in our minds for a long time - from analog photography and UV light experiments to laser shows. That’s when we had our moment of enlightenment: one installation is not enough - we must create a festival!

In May 2022, we achieved our goal. We organized the first edition of the Light Festival, which took place on May 13-15 at G贸ra Gradowa in Gda艅sk. The date choice was not accidental - May 16, the anniversary of the first successful use of a laser, is celebrated as UNESCO’s International Day of Light.

Over 2,500 people participated in the event, with 370 participants in workshops. We prepared 20 attractions at the intersection of art, science, and technology. Many institutions were involved in organizing the festival, including the Polish Space Agency, the astronomical magazine Urania - Astronomical Advances, the 艁ukasiewicz - Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics, the Metropolitan Institute, the CODE:ME Foundation, and over 20 interdisciplinary artists from eight countries, including representatives of the prestigious University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins.

A year later, we achieved another milestone - during the second edition of the Light Festival, we fulfilled Leszek’s dream and built a room without colors. The festival, which took place on May 13-14, 2023, was attended by 3,500 people. Over 70 artists, makers, and scientists from Poland and abroad were involved in its organization, allowing us to present 35 exhibitions and shows at the intersection of art, science, and technology, as well as to organize workshops with over 450 participants. UNESCO, the city of Gda艅sk, Trojmiasto.pl, and the Gda艅sk University of Technology joined the festival’s partners.

However, we are not stopping there. This year, on May 10-11, the third edition of the Light Festival will take place, during which we want to showcase even more attractions, invite even more artists, and fulfill more dreams.