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Jadwiga Hajdo



Jadwiga Hajdo, an artist with over 40 years of experience, is often referred to as the Artist of the Spirit. Her passion for painting developed independently of traditional paradigm. The artist created her unique style by following the voice of intuition and drawing inspiration from nature. Her creative journey began through her work as a teacher and caring for children, and a move to a small town in the Polish countryside, where she could create amidst golden fields and wild forests, inspired her to develop her unique dotting technique. Over time, she discovered that UV light gave her work a whole new dimension. Enchanted by this effect, she began using UV paints, which became a signature feature of her art.

L’arT Agency Artist


The opening of Jadwiga Hajdo’s works in UV light


Intuitive Painting - UV Dotting Technique with Jadwiga Hajdo

The artist’s work