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Joanna Zubrycka (Miss God)



Under the alias Miss God hides Joanna Zubrycka – a vocalist, composer, and music producer, with a background in acting (a graduate of the Stanisław Wyspiański Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow). In her creative pursuits, she merges subtle electronics with a moving bass, ethnic influences, and vocal experiments. Consciously and in her own way. Miss God is an artist who isn’t afraid of experiments, constantly exploring new sounds and crafting a sonic landscape full of depth. Her music invites the listener on a journey into themselves, encouraging reflection and exploration of different emotional states. She has performed at many music festivals in Poland and abroad, including Opener Festival, ShortWaves, Electronic Beats Festival, Festival Film Polska in Berlin, Le Flux in Paris, Ambition Festival in London, and Szimpla Kert in Budapest.


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