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Voices of the Cosmos



Voices of the Cosmos is a collective formed by two sound artists and an astronomer. Their project ingeniously combines the achievements of astronomy with electroacoustic music. The basis for their compositions are processed rhythms and tones of “cosmic sounds”. Utilizing original extraterrestrial signals, and sounds received by radio telescopes and other radio devices, the creators craft their sonic landscapes. They also incorporate sonification techniques and archival recordings from space missions. The instrumental tracks of their compositions are created using a blend of electronic electronic instruments, both digital and analog, as well as various acoustic objects..

The team consists of: Rafał Iwański, a musician renowned for his work with groups like ||ALA|MEDA|| and HATI; Wojciech Zięba, a producer of acoustic instruments performing solo as ELECTRIC URANUS, and astronomer Sebastian Soberski.


Astronalia: Voices of the Cosmos